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Fiatdude said:
Walter --

IMO you set your carb to run independently / stand alone (not Fat) then plumb your NOX to run the same way -- -- a dry system on a carb can hurt a lot of parts in a hurry, if everything is not perfect. But since I reread your post I see you're EFI. IF your injectors have some reserve (not at 100% useage) an EFI can make corrections to the fuel delivery from AFR readings to keep it from leaning it out.

But if you want a small complete NOS system to get you off the line or cool your boost charge then a 50HP or 75 HP isn't a bad idea. Then it comes down to just how much HP your engine can make without making a lot of small pieces. You can do it with a turbo, or NOS, or a combo of both

But if you notice on Marty's picture that dry system is on a EFI motor which can make the fuel adjustments automatically.
Thanks so much for your post(s) (and all that chimed in). It all makes so much more sense now!
What you described with the 50 or 75 shot above is about just what I sort-of had in mind when reading about chemical intercooling and overcoming too much lag (at a drag run) with a nitrous shot.
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