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I'm new here because I didn't used to do aircooled engines.
However my grandfather died this winter and we decided not to part out his bug - I plan to finish it.
I work with water cooled VW engines every day. Tuning EFI is not a problem - this is the easiest part of the job!

That is why the plan was to turbo the Type 4.

...but the engine is in pieces.
Some parts are here ... like:
- webcam 119 with lifters,
- crank is balanced + new bearings
- 40mm CB throttle bodies with injector holes
- 380cc injectors (310hp with 4bar FPR)
- K04-023 turbo from Audi S3 (capable of 270hp)
- from what I see cylinders were honed

Heads are in machine shop but my grandpa never told them how to do them / what valves he wanted etc.
Valves are nowhere to be found.

Here are some of my questions:
- I guess he wanted SCAT rods (we found some of his notes) for turbo aplication stock lenght will work?
- stock pistons will hold 250+hp (lambda 0.8)
- is there any piston machining needed
- I have seen that heads needs combustion chamber machining - will they last with FI?
- I guess ARP head studs are a "must have"
- what valves sizes should I use for stock heads?

I must do some budget calculations. Car is still in paint shop ... ready but bill not paid.

Thanks for help guys.

I will post some pictures as soon as I unpack all boxed in my workshop.

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I strongly recommend replacing the pistons as these are anything but durable. I ride with flat top pistons from aa-performance. not the best on the market but fulfills its function well for my engine for a reasonable price. then I would go up a bit on injector size.
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