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Would a new class for just dragsters and altereds bring them back out ?

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Unlimited Class - for dragsters and altereds

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Would a new class for just dragsters and altereds bring them back out to the track to race again?

A class for say 8.20 and quicker for dragsters and altereds as well as maybe Doug Harveys bug .

How should they run them?
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As I remember there was a class for the top cars as far as speed and et. Wasn't it called Quick 8, and that's exactly what it was. The quickest 8 cars from the qualifying runs were in this class and had to run a dial in. I would like to see this again. Just my .02.
Quick eight with a guaranteed purse. That would bring out the cars. 8.99 and faster. Denver has tried this and pays back entry money when you qualify into the field. 1000.00 to win type payouts, runner up money and semi money.
Yeah just call it Quick 8 (like back in the old days) with a 8.0 (or whatever) cutoff. No limit on what type of car it is - who cares.
QUIK 8 would rock for sure. Need some kinda incentive to haul your digger to a race.
Ok, so who in the industry do we need to talk to to get this moving for the 09 racing season. Since the Hole's have a few of the races here on the west coast, maybe we should drop them a line and see what can be done.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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