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BUGPACK Presents

Unlimited Street West
"Do you have the quickest Street VW on the West Coast "

It’s that time again I hope everyone is getting ready. We will be starting our 6th event in Las Vegas on October 5th. As in the past there will be the drive to the track on Saturday night, as it stands as of now, we will still meet and leave from the Hampton Inn at 6:00 PM.

$ Over $3.000 in Cash & Prizes for Unlimited Street West Class !!

I would like to again thank our sponsors:

BUGPACK Products: Rick Sadler
Bugformance of Sacramento: The Hole Family
Bugorama Promotions: The Hole Family
Vee Dub Parts Unlimited: Greg
Rancho Performance Transmissions: Sam
VW Paradise: Scott & Family
In Range Inc: Troy & Christy Sellars
Lawless Designs: Mike & Cindy Lawless
M – Spec Motorsports: Marty Staggs

Thanks For All Of Your Support!

The Rules
These are the only more, no less.
• Any four cylinder, air cooled, rear-engine VW powered vehicle allowed
• Minimum vehicle weight (with driver) 1700 lbs
• Must have two front seats
• Must have functioning headlights & tail lights
• No Wheelie Bars allowed
• Proof of Registration and Insurance Required
• Vehicle must have all required safety equipment for ET/MPH as per NHRA Rules
• Muffler required on ALL vehicles
• Vehicles must complete an approximate 20 mile Street Cruise prior to the event (we will be leaving from the host hotel driving to Las Vegas Motor Speedway on Saturday Night)
• Recommend (but not required) decals and stickers on quarter and rear windows, not on body of vehicle
• No tow vehicles allowed (Vehicle must drive to the Starting Line and return to the Pits under its own power.)

If there are any questions you can contact me @ (714)326-7876, or go to our web site at

Let's see a show of hands, on who's coming...

I hope to see everyone there, thanks!
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