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After taking it under consideration from racers, sponsors, and fans, we have changed up the rules for OUTLAW!

Outlaw VW Rules
• Limited to Door Slammers (convertibles ok) & Manx-style Buggies; no open frame buggies, dragsters, altereds or funny cars
• All run field, and all elimination pairings will be Chip Draw
• Pro Tree; courtesy staging enforced
• Must be have VW Body (Fiberglass replica OK; Manx style buggy ok)
- Must be Rear-engined, air cooled flat four VW/Porsche style engine
• ALL Entries must run engine containment blanket or drip pan
• All Entries must run transmission containment blanket, drip pan,
• All Entries must follow track safety regulations for speed and e.t. of vehicle
• THESE ARE THE RULES. NO MORE. NO LESS. Questions? Reread the rules and if you are still unsure, contact Chad Dailey at [email protected]

Don't fit into the Outlaw or other classes? We are making a place for you!

EXTREME VW - Run Whatcha Brung and Hope You Brung Enough!
-A Class For Everyone Else
-More Details coming soon

We are less than a year away from the biggest VW race on the planet... start getting those cars ready!
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