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VW Avon cologne bottles-- for sale

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I have a few Avon bottles from the 1970's.....

I have two in-the-original-box VW Bugs, blue, one with Windjammer aftershave and one with Oland aftershave.

A VW Bus with the motorcycle cap on the back.

A 1968 Porsche with Wild Country aftershave.

No idea what they're worth, but I'll sell em cheap. Maybe $5 apiece?

These pics were swiped from E-bay, they are the same ones I have (including the green Corvette next to the Bus)

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eric madson said:
The chicks will dig it! Corndog scent.
I'll bet thats why I can't seem to keep the ladies off me no matter where I go.

1 - 2 of 3 Posts
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