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*One set of 4 Hand Painted Classic Air Cooled Volkwagens. Oil on wood with magnet backings painted for me by Ferdo Voight. These are exclusives!

What you get:
1 Meyers Maynx Dune Buggy Painting
1 1962 VW Type 2 Crew Cab
1 1967 VW Beetle - iconic red and the 1st year w/12volts
1 1964 Volkwagens Notchback

All paintings made to show patina as if they were barn finds.

Recap, you get
4* amazing and unique Hand Painted and initialed by the artist VW paintings about the size of a baseball card, in a removable protective plastic sleeve.* The magnet on the back has some good power... stick on your fridge, put on the dash of your vw, or frame and hand on the wall (which I recommend).

We are doing small quantities of each series. This set has 4 cars per set. I will do no more than 50 sets of this design. Each car in this series is slightly different so your art is unique from the other 3 sets that I have but are not shown here.

These are one of a kind! Not just cool, they're an investment! You spend more money on dime a dozen vw toys and magazines, these are unique and something only a select few will own.

My first couple sets are priced LOWER than what future sets will likely go for. Get them at this price while you can. Thanks for looking.

*I take payment via verified PayPal. I am willing to do large consignments for Volkwagen resellers if worth my while, with exclusive designs. The photo with a pen shows a set with no plastic sleeve, not necessarily this set. All other photos shown are the exact paintings included in this order.

PRICE $125 for set of 4 paintings. Free shipping in USA
Add $30 to ship out of the USA.

Listed on my Etsy Store below

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