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Remember these races? Back in the day it was a regular feature. I think it was Godfrey that was our hero as he grudge raced against that Green 7-UP sponsored vintage Drag Pick-up.
Wasn't that the coolest thing? The announcer would rev up the crowd and everyone would come to their feet to watch those races.

Well fastforward to Sept 13, 2008. It's On Again! For the first time in who knows how many years it's been, NASA brings back this classic best of 3 match race. This time it's Dragsters!
The Wolfgang VW Dragster piloted by Steve Phillips goes head to head against the V8 Super Comp Dragster of Chad Axford. Bragging rights go to the winner of this 2 out of 3 grudge race.
This will be the feature of the upcoming "NASA Lands At Redding Dragstrip" race. More details on this event can be found in the drag racing forum.
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