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Way back in the day

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This is a picture of my Mom and Dads, neighbors relative. I am not sure which one he is, but I thought it would be cool here.

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Don Pauter said:

I felt this belonged here, my dad shot this one at the old Ramona Raceway early 60's... check out the guy in the silver space suit...Gotta Name?


I remember when I was about 11 years old, washing and "Blackening" my oldest brothers slicks for his 63 split window Vette, he loaded em up and went to Ramona for a Drag Race, my other older brother got to go with him, I had to stay home..... ( I believe it was at the Old Airport in Ramona)....

I,ll never forget, he brought home a Trophy that day....
1 - 1 of 33 Posts
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