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Way back in the day

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This is a picture of my Mom and Dads, neighbors relative. I am not sure which one he is, but I thought it would be cool here.

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mbugz60 said:
It must have rained a lot in Pomona back in the 60's. Everybody had high water pants.
Nah, they were just gettin' ready to do some gator huntin'... :surrender:
Something about no limit by the Evangeline Tree....
Hi Mike, say hi to Dawn and Emeril for us, we miss you, and I still owe you a new wood kitchen chair...
I am thinking that is the old "Greer, Black, & Prudhomme" car, so that probably is Keith Black in the photo, no doubt about the Snake, I used to work for Harold Meziere's Shell Gas Station, on the corner of 9th and Highway 395 in Escondido (now 9th and Centre City Parkway, where the 7-11 is, Deano...) and Harold and Don were cousins, or something... so Don would roll in from time to time when he was going to Ramona or Carlsbad.
The only real time I remember being at Ramona Racewy was when my older brother took me up there as a youngster, and said I needed to watch this guy named "TV Tommy Ivo" because he had a 4 engine, injected Buick, 4 wheel drive, slingshot Front Engine (s) dragster called the "Showboat" and he was gonna smoke all 4 tires all the way down the track.... and he did. It was kinda hard to see the car with all that smoke, but it still left an indelible impression on me.
Hey Deano, remember when you guys had "The Mongoose" Tom McEwen on the cover of HVWs?
Don, THANK YOU for those Ramona photos. It takes me back to my "kid" days in Escondido.
And as a side note, it was great meeting you and Mr. Tavares at your shop back when I was working for the magazines....
1 - 3 of 33 Posts
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