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Way back in the day

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This is a picture of my Mom and Dads, neighbors relative. I am not sure which one he is, but I thought it would be cool here.

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i will take some pics of some of our stuff.... IE one of the very first issue of the SCTA newsletter that was done in pencil.... that is what became HotRod Magazine
Also, have original copy of techsheet from the 40's at el mirage and stuff
I will try and and take get some pics up of all the stuff my dad has in his room.. My grandfather did the casting on Vic Elderbrocks first manifold... lots of pics of my grandpa and wally parks and stuff back when they where young..
oh yeah my grandma dated wally parks before she married my grandpa
kind of cool stuff see what i can find this weekend

Jeff Rice
ryan68bug said:
All these years of holding these stories and I can't remember hearing any of this! lol, jeez, and you think you know a guy... :D
LOL... we always talked vw haha

next time in eugene you should stop by the parents house and check out the pool room...
1 - 2 of 33 Posts
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