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Way back in the day

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This is a picture of my Mom and Dads, neighbors relative. I am not sure which one he is, but I thought it would be cool here.

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Old Guy said:
We didn't wear em quite as high as the guys in the picture but it was considered VERY uncool if your socks didn't show!
That's funny because when I was in high school in the late 70s, we were into the bell bottoms and you were considered a geek if any part of your shoes or socks showed. When 501s first came in, we were saying, ha what a nerd.
That photo is so sharp.... Awesome, must be a Kodachrome 64 slide? The Snake gave me that same look when I saw him at Bakersfield last month.
My dad was serious about photography had many different types of equipment, darkroom, enlargers, projectors things I had no knowledge of, what he didn't have a few of his many photography club members did, they were all so serious about their hobby. as a young boy I spent many many hours at their meetings and photo shoot trips, some with nude models.... man I sure hated that :grinwink:. At the time I didn't realize the value of their combined talents and regret that I didn't use their experience to improve mine. The main benefit of his interest in photography is very appearant today as he left behind life long clear and precise photo documentation in thousands of photographs of our extended families and the countless functions that are usually left only as past and foggy memories, I am in awe of such foresight and recommend that anyone who has not given this a consideration do so before its too late.
Another aspect of his interest was auto racing and we also attended many of the locally promoted racing events. Sports Cars were his primary attraction and we spent most of our time at those venues, Torrey Pines, HourGlass field, some old airport or wherever there was a group of any sort of racers even including earlier drag racing programs, so much so that at some point he got a bit bored with the old Ford wagon and stepped things up a bit. Some time around the mid 50's he made up his mind to roll in style, his choice of rides is pictured below. Can you believe he even let me drive that thing to High school on occasion, some interesting stories involved there :lookatme:. Man I wish I had that car today.


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deano said:
That photo is so sharp.... Awesome,
I was thinking that photo could have been taken yesterday, its so clear.

It was obviously WAY before my time, but I have so much respect and admiration for what those guys did way back when. The world today would never had let this sport take off like it did back then, with the lack of safety measures, etc...

Looking forward to seeing more of your pics Don...
I am thinking that is the old "Greer, Black, & Prudhomme" car, so that probably is Keith Black in the photo, no doubt about the Snake, I used to work for Harold Meziere's Shell Gas Station, on the corner of 9th and Highway 395 in Escondido (now 9th and Centre City Parkway, where the 7-11 is, Deano...) and Harold and Don were cousins, or something... so Don would roll in from time to time when he was going to Ramona or Carlsbad.
The only real time I remember being at Ramona Racewy was when my older brother took me up there as a youngster, and said I needed to watch this guy named "TV Tommy Ivo" because he had a 4 engine, injected Buick, 4 wheel drive, slingshot Front Engine (s) dragster called the "Showboat" and he was gonna smoke all 4 tires all the way down the track.... and he did. It was kinda hard to see the car with all that smoke, but it still left an indelible impression on me.
Hey Deano, remember when you guys had "The Mongoose" Tom McEwen on the cover of HVWs?
Don -- If that isn't Keith Black it is his twin -- My Dad ws playing with top Fuel at about this time and there are some pictures of his slingshot around at Colton and Riverside (March AFB and RIR) KB and the Snake were at our dinning room table from time to time
Yes K.B. himself.

This is the team I used to be the Gopher for back in the early 60's, Dallas Martensen (L) and Bob Meyer (R) these guys were right in the thick of it, again at Ramona track, ran as well as the rest just underfunded sadly both are now deceased.The two of them worked for Crower at the time, lot of knowledge between them. Back in the day, right around the old Bakersfield meet all the east coast / midwest names would come out to California It was common to drop in at Dallas's house and have dinner with the likes of Garlits, Kallita, Ongias, Bruce Crower, I even remember Scott Kallita running around in diapers. Made for very memorable High School years.

No need for I.D. here, I think this was also at the Ramona airport track around same time frame if not the same day.
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Don, THANK YOU for those Ramona photos. It takes me back to my "kid" days in Escondido.
And as a side note, it was great meeting you and Mr. Tavares at your shop back when I was working for the magazines....
kaferdave said:
Hey Deano, remember when you guys had "The Mongoose" Tom McEwen on the cover of HVWs?
Yes, HVWs' Lane Evans knew McEwen from way back when he worked for NHRA and as the art director for Drag Racing Magazine. So, getting him to do the cover deal with Cory's sister, Colleen, was not a problem. Lane set up the shot at the Pomona Fairgounds, and McEwen just clicked into the part with all kinds of cool poses. Pro all the way. I think Lane told him that if "Gar" poses for the Hot VWs cover, then he should.... Meaning Don Garlits of course.
Don -- -- a color 8x10 glossy of the 2nd photo is on my wish list for christmas -- -- I'll even pay all the expenses for the "gift" -- Pretty please

F D,
I'll see what I can do, my No. Cal. brother has taken a lot of these old 35mm slides and somehow digitized them so I am not sure what happens to clarity when enlarged, as stated in an earlier post I am "Photo-ignorant", maybe he'll know how to handle it. perhaps I can just email it to you (that's how I get them) and you can deal with it. What's sad is that a lot of the old sports car slides of the Torrey Pines era, yeah right where that damn golf course sits today.. as if there isn't enough of them around here, I have no doubt that place would be a world class formula one facility today had it not been for our short sighted city Planners.....sorry for the rant but it still pisses me off... 50 years later :glarestraight:, anyway alot of them were stored poorly and couldn't be saved. What a shame, hundreds of beautiful old cars in their prime (1950's) Mercedes, Ferrari, Allard, Porsche the stuff you'd find today at Monterey vintage programs and the like,.. going WFO and guys like Phil Hill and Juan Fangio (I think he raced there) spittin bugs outta their teeth after an event. unreal !

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if any of you ever get the chance Garlits museum is a must see he even has a few VW's in there
an e-mailed copy would be great and appreciated Don -- Thanks in advance
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