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We had another great turnout at Sac Raceway tonight.
After winning his lane last week, David Rudd opted to run his Nova instead of his 74 Super.
We had a new face in the bunch, Don with his sweet 2110 Ghia
Cody Rogers logged another win in lane 5. One more and he will be in the PRO Lane.
Pretty soon the PRO lane will be over run with VW's!
Some of our Wednesday night regulars have confirmed to run CMI this weekend 7-5-2008.
Hope for a good showing of VW's this Sunday.

One of BOB's famous burnouts. His real name is Brian but he has been nicknamed BOB (BurnOutBrian). Note his thumbs up for the camera. The track staff loves this car.

Note his winner sticker in the rear window

This was Doug's first time out since he put in the new bullet. Note his 3 winner stickers in the rear window

New to our Wednesday night group, Don with a sweet Ghia.

2110 in his Ghia. Don was dialed in at 13.90

Tonight I was testing the Summer City Sedan owned by Nathan Cole.
Electrical gremlins put me on the trailer before eliminations.

1835 in Nate's Sedan typically runs low 13's

Chad Axford's "The Beast Ghia" and Doug Colley's "World's Fastest Bay Window Single Cab" with stock Sacramento.

Tonight, bragging rights go to Cody Rogers.

Another very fun night with good friends. Come on out and join us!

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BadDogRacing said:
64streetcar said:
What does that green car run, seen it at the last Bugorama. But he was having motor problems.
He runs low 14's. Last night he dialed in at 14.15
His goal is to dip into the 13's

I have always known this car as the "Jetta Bug". I love how Brian has built this car and fabricated the different aspects of the conversion himself. He has now mounted the radiator in the front of the car and did a fantastic job. He has also narrowed and raised the rear suspension the get that lowered look and still have the full width of the tires hitting the ground. Awesome car.
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