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Eh everyone. My names Liam from West coast of Canada. I've inadvertently acquired a 1972 Type 3 square I will have the liberty of building. Said car has already been bastardized with the rear panel conversion and custom molded headlights ect so I have no intention of keeping it pure. I am very new to vw and anything air cooled and not all that experienced of a mechanic, This being said I intend to learn as I go.

My ultimate goal for this car would be a drag/burnout car but I have no idea where to start ? Is the stock F/I 1600cc worth building ? Or do I start somewhere else completely ? end goal would definitely be some forced induction.

I'll definitely be doing a lot of reading but figured I'd introduce myself, my ideas and maybe get some feedback and ideas to point me in the right direction.

Cheers Liam, photos to follow it's dark and she ain't photo ready.
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