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There are a few important reasons why your printer doesn’t print on your command. In this article we shall look at the various hurdles in printing. If your printer needs genuine inks and toners,you can buy them in Laptop Bazaar One’s Canon printer showroom in Chennai.
The first thing to look out for is the right printer software. Each company printer or a set of printer series has their own original software,which you need to install on your computer or laptop where you give the print command. Sometimes you need to update the printer software for smooth printing options.
The next hassle may be due to the dryness of your printer ink or toner. They should be checked on a regular basis, and the printer usually sends out warning messages before they dry out. Replace them with original spares because fake products may cause harm to the life of the printer as well as bring the overall printing quality down.
The main source of power for your printer is the power cord. Check this for the main source, and to connect the printer to your computer, check the USB data cable. These are the two ways to give power to the printer.
Sometimes paper gets caught in the printing process and becomes stuck in the toner. If your printer doesn’t print, then open the printer's outer part and carefully remove the jammed paper between the toner.
These are the important hurdles for smooth printing, and to buy the best printers,visit Laptop Bazaar One’s Canon printer showroom in Chennai.
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