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Sitting already in 3rd on our UAC Top Ten Bus list wasn't good enough for the team from Germany of Tom Gotta and Stefan. They wanted to go faster. And faster they have!

They became the Wolds Quickest Barn door bus, as well as the Worlds Quickest Non Turbo bus running an incredible 12.656 at 102.84 mph!! :eek:k:

Congrats to you both!!

The Worlds Fastest barndoor!

7th May '09: Anyone who attended the 'Big Bang' VW festival held over the weekend of the 24th, 25th and 26th of April 2009 was in for a very special treat beacause, this year, we were to witness the fastest run by a Barndoor Bus in the world!

Tom and Stefan, the Wheelerdealer team from Frankfurt, Germany had towed the 1953 Panel Van over to display at the Volksworld show, Sandown Park, Surrey and then arranged to leave it in the UK so they could attend the Big Bang. The Bus had already run a 13 in Europe, and knowing how good, and how well prepared the Santa Pod track is the aim was to run their first 12 second pass. After fixing a problem with their shifter and qualifying for BWA with an easy 13 they were straight into the 12's, the quickest being a 12.656 at 102.84 mph.

Congratulations to the team and we hope to see you back in the UK soon to run even quicker, over to Tom and the team for their account of the weekend and their time in the UK.....

“A big thank you to all who made this amazing weekend happen and helped realizing our 12 seconds dream with an aircooled 4cylinder VW non turbocharged, non NOS, non knick-knack engine.”

“Without the help of all you guys that wouldn’t have worked out at all! First of all our friend Ivan McCutcheon for storing the old lady, the nice gifts, all your support and the time, and and and…, Brian Burrows and the Santa Pod crew for this great event (great organisation with friendly people all around), Mark Prosser (Auto Techniks) for your helping hands and your idea to solve our shifting problem (you are the weekend’s secret hero!), Craig Gibbs and the Obsession Motorsports Team for borrowing the tools that were needed, Alan "Scotty" Scott for the offer to organise a replacement shifter – which would have taken him a 30min drive, Tim Sykes (early VWs) for the offer to borrow his own shifter (that – if needed – he would dismount from the Beltek) and Rikki James for making it possible that the BWA (Buses with attitude) could race again on Sunday where Spez even ran the 12.65!”

“Apart from that a big thank you to all we forgot to mention here – we are still very impressed about the support we got and it was very nice to meet you all and talk to you. We hope that we could have given something back to all of you getting the 12 second run on the UK ground! See you soon, take care!”

Spez aka "Präsi", Björn aka "Monobrow", Jana & Tom

Article borrowed from Busses With Attitude
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